Common Queries

How authentic is your B2B Database?

We usually get this question from our clients. We have various software and tools through which we authenticate and validate the database before providing it to the clients, as the client's trust and belief are most important to us. We also mention the time and date of validation for each data with 80% accuracy.

How do you acquire your B2B Database?

Our database is generated using our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models from sources like LinkedIn, Company websites, and Search Engines.

What happens if the given data is wrong?

We provide almost 90% valid database (as per our Clients). If in any condition, the data provided to you have invalid or bounced emails, we provide a replacement for those invalid emails after 3(Three) months of your procurement.

What sources have been used to collect data?

We have used our Web Scrapping Techniques to scrap data from Sources like LinkedIn, Company Websites, and Search Engines.

How often you update your Database?

We update our database every 90 days and mention the validation time and date for every contract for your reference.

Do you provide a sample of the database to check the quality of data?

Yes, We do provide Sample data for you to verify and check the authentication of the data along with the verticals you would require to carry out your email campaigns.

Why choose Adglob in respect of other companies?

Adglob mainly focuses on client's needs. We also refer to the database of the industries that might be relevant to your business. Moreover, our replacement policy has served us to earn the trust of our clients and build a long-term business relationship.

How much does the company cover irrespective of others?

Adglob covers around 55,000 companies along with 150 industries in India. We also have data for other countries viz 81 countries.

How do your services benefit marketing and sales?

Adglob provides data with 85% accuracy along with the replacement of invalid/ bounced emails during your email campaigns.

What kind of privacy options do you have?

We maintain the confidentiality of the database procured by our clients.

How much Country data you can provide?

We provide a database of 81 countries around the globe.