What is IVR?

IVR is an Interactive Voice Response, and it is Automated Communication Technology. Mainly, major companies use it because it enables the customers to interact with the services without human assistance.

How to interact with the IVR system?

Callers can interact with IVR systems by pressing numbers on a telephone keypad or by speaking simple commands to answer the computer’s voice prompts. The call will be get connected to the desire person/department anywhere. Technet offers Cloud PBX is an innovative reporting system for small, medium, and enterprise businesses in India.

Advantage of IVR System

1.Reduction of Human Errors

2.Dramatically Improves The Customer's Experience

3.High Personalization That Improves Business Efficiency

4.Provides A 24/7 Customer Service for Your Customers

5.Enhances Brand Visibility And Reputation

6.Extremely Cost-Effective

7.Reduces Call Abandonment Rate

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