Shared Hosting - Best, Cheapest Hosting option

Shared web hosting is one of the most popular and cheapest hosting options available. In this type of hosting environment, your website is hosted on a web server shared by many other websites, One of the major benefits of this hosting setup is shared cost.

One of the biggest drawbacks of a shared server is that your website has to live at the mercy of other websites sharing the server. It means a well popular website with huge traffic can skeptically affect the performance of your website badly. From the opposing point of view, if you are one of the well-popular web pages on the same server, you can take the benefits of a super webserver at economical rates.

At the time of starting an online business, most people start with a shared hosting package due to its less cost and this is a good way to start a website because a new website will not get more traffic.

Shared hosting is an ideal choice of websites with few pages or a website that will not get much traffic.

Cloud Web Hosting Services

Cloud web hosting service is a fairly new hosting option available in the industry which allows numerous isolated servers to work with each other so that it acts as a vast server. In this type of hosting arrangement as the need for a website increases, the hosting provider can just add more hardware to make an even bigger cloud.

One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based web hosting service is that it can handle any amount of traffic and if you are getting a huge amount of traffic to your website then cloud is the ideal choice for you and probable the right time for you to move from shared hosting to Cloud hosting.

Virtual Private Server - Secure & Powerful than Shared hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting refers to a physical server that behaves as multiple spitted virtual servers. VPS is also known as a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers where you will rent an entire server. despite the fact, each Virtual server shares hardware resources such as RAM, web server space but they all are granted and given a dedicated piece of the computing resources.

Dedicated Server Hosting Service

When your website is on a dedicated server, it means you are leasing an entire physical server from a top hosting company. In this type of hosting arrangement, You will have complete control over your server. In a dedicated hosting arrangement, you do not need to worry about other websites slowing down your website because no resources are sharing in this arrangement.

This is one of the highest levels of hosting configuration available for any online business getting a huge amount of website traffic. Although the pricing of a dedicated server is considerably more as compared to shared or VPS hosting.

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