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ADGLOB Infosystem Private Limited

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion But With Data you Becoming the new raw material of Business"

It is our pleasure to introducing the ADGLOB database provider Company. Here, we concentrate on scraping data from websites and arrange that data into the specified format. The first step of this ADGLOB activity is generally database validation/enrichment of profiling.
This ensures that the database to be maintained is in a sanitized form. Post sanitization of database it is maintained/updated at Acquists end on behalf of the client.ADGLOB also incorporates its other research and knowledge practices in its Text, Files, Images, Links, Product Features, Product Pricing, News, and lots of different content from multiple websites.
For instance, these various sites incorporate Government Sites, E-trade Portals like Amazon, Walmart, Aliexpress.

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About the Team

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is the success of our TEAM"

With efficient members as a team, we have completed 4 successful years since 2016 in the Service sector and will continue our hard work with the same dedication and upgraded skills only to earn your trust!

Our Vision

A healthy community where everyone can belong and thrive.

"Adglob provides innovative, effective and integrated service opportunities for clients."

- DataBase Link:
The name of Database links should reflect the nature of the data, not the Database Server. We should create a user dedicated to a Database link. In addition, we should not give this user to anyone else.
- Bulk Email:
We keep our marketing relevant for all clients and enjoy it with proving 99% deliverability. We build client segments based on specific criteria.
We use dynamic content for Better Personalization. Deliver Emails at our client's preferred time with the perfect timing tool.
- Dedicated Server:
Our dedicated server supplies more of what you need. It is a completely different league. Its power has helped you level the playing field. You can be more competitive in the growing world of e-commerce.
So, within the limit of propriety, the way we decided to use our dedicated Hosting plan is our Business.

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