B2B Database

B2B database can have profiling by product category, turnover class, the number of employees, type of company, employee details.

That is their designation, business emails, and business contact numbers geolocation, and everything that can constitute a distinctive element of a company over another.

A fact that can help us understand if a database is valid or not is the depth of categorization that can offer us.

Even in this case, common sense comes to our rescue getting in touch, for example, with corporate companies is not trivial, but a database that offers you 25,000 contacts of corporate companies will not be very reliable before it completes the process like Data Cleansing, Data Reconciliation and HLR Lookup for Contact Numbers.

B2C Database

The B2C databases contain information about the end-user such as age, sex, number of children if present, interests, and all the data that can allow us to know if and how much communication can be considered interesting by the recipient.

This kind of data can be collected mainly in two ways:

By registering to thematic sites-

With relative registration in specific lists; for example, if you register for a site with a maternity topic and give your approval to receive commercial communications, then you will receive communications on this topic.

Through the posterior segmentation of the database-

It is possible to understand how much a certain topic finds more or less interest on the part of a segment of the same concerning another;

In this case, the Direct Email Marketing expert, send a message that is similar to the previous one, you will forward it to the contacts who are interested in this field.


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